Songs we Sing, Tales we Tell :


The Cecilian Singers

MD: Jeremy Jackman

and Stoneygate School Senior Choir

Conductor: Lindsey Ashwin

     The Songs We Sing:

The Tales We Tell   

Saturday June 9th 2018 - 7pm

at The Recital Hall, Leicester Grammar School,

London Road, Great Glen, Leicester LE8 9FL

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Somebody up there always knew this concert was going to happen. Lindsey Ashwin and I first met at a British Conductors conference when she was just starting out, and I wasn’t. (She made me feel quite old then, and it hasn’t got any better.) In the intervening years she has sung for me in the English Baroque Choir in London, more recently in the Cecilian Singers here in Leicester, and is now - as most of you know - a highly successful Music Director at Stoneygate School. It was only a matter of time before one or other of us hit on the repertoire that would bring us together again.

Bob Chilcott’s ‘Five Days That Changed The World’ and Howard Goodall’s ‘In Memoriam Anne Frank’ both require a full mixed voice choir and a youth choir, and provide all the impetus that Lindsey and I need for this concert's performance. Chilcott’s ‘Five Days’ covers everything from advances in medicine and printing to pioneering journeys in the sky and beyond, via the Abolition of Slavery. The composer has the uncanny knack of writing approachable, memorable music that exactly captures and enhances the meaning of the text. Goodall’s composition uses no words from Anne Frank’s diaries – rather a variety of texts from Christina Rossetti, R. L. Stevenson, and the seventeenth century poet Richard Lovelace. All of them have something to say, indirectly but pertinently and poignantly, about Anne Frank’s situation. The music gets right into the heart and mind of its subject, and has something of an other-worldly quality that entirely suits the words. I first encountered this piece three years ago, and it has never entirely left my memory ever since.

You will also get to hear each group of singers performing on their own, so the entire concert will contain a variety of repertoire rarely heard in one performance. Enjoy!

Jeremy Jackman